The Re-Emergence of Scrunchies: The Retro Darling of the Fashion World

Fashion moves in a cycle; the trends keep coming and going in waves. Another trend that made a comeback in recent years is using scrunchies. It was originally popular during the 1980s and 1990s. Scrunchies have returned to the fashion world again, mesmerizing the young generation with their versatility and simplistic charm. Keep reading the article to learn more about the origin of scrunchies, their development over time, and the reason behind the resurgence in recent years.

A brief history of scrunchies

People began using scrunchies in the 1980s and 1990s as a practical yet stylish alternative to elastic hair bands. The fabric-covered hair bands, as pretty as they look, offer the great benefit of properly holding the hair in place without leaving creases or damaging the hair. At first, scrunchies were usually made of synthetic fabrics with vibrant colors and patterns, showcasing the bold fashion trends of that era.

A brief history of scrunchies
History of scrunchies

In the 1990s, scrunchies became an essential accessory linked with the preppy fashion style due to their appearance in movies and TV shows. However, at the end of that decade, scrunchies became uncool and outdated to people, eventually falling out of fashion and losing their appeal. The emergence of sleeker hairstyles and minimalist fashion trends further caused the decline of the use of scrunchies.

The revival of scrunchies

Several factors caused the resurgence of the use of scrunchies, including the cyclic nature of fashion itself, which is the most important factor. As the trend of using scrunchies from the past began to emerge again, these cute little hair accessories soon stole the spotlight. Celebrities and popular media icons started to use scrunchies with their outfits, rekindling the interest among their followers and regular people. 

Another factor is the tendency to use sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion items, which has contributed to the rise of scrunchies. Many of the scrunchies are made of recycled fabrics or organic materials, making them a good option for those who are both conscious about the environment and like to keep up with the recent trends. This tendency to use sustainable fashion accessories has made scrunchies a guilt-free choice that adds a retro vibe and a bit of nostalgia to any outfit it is paired with.

Scrunchies in Contemporary Fashion

Scrunchies are versatile, and this trait has played a key role in their recent popularity. Scrunchies are open in a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures and can be paired with almost every outfit and hairstyle effectively. From casual to formal, scrunchies can complement any look with their fun, cute, playful touch.

Scrunchies in Contemporary Fashion

For those who love to keep up with recent trends and fashion styles, scrunchies have become an essential part of their accessories section. The amazing fact is that it is no longer just used as hair ties; it is now widely used as wristbands, decorative addition to handbags, and even anklets. Some people use them as belts, neck accessories, and even unique earrings. Such experimentation allows the users to create an eye-catching and unique look. 

This versatility in usage has caused scrunchies to go beyond their original purpose and be used for various occasions. 

Famous and luxury fashion brands have also embraced the trend of scrunchies by incorporating them into their collections and using high-end materials such as velvet and silk in making them, which gives them an elegant appearance to complement outfits with a festive vibe. Scrunchies have been presented luxuriously this way, and this type of scrunchies is a perfect fit for those who wish to add a touch of glamor to their look.

Scrunchies as hair ties offer an array of benefits and are aesthetically pleasing. One such benefit is the care to your hair a scrunchie can provide. Unlike elastic hair bands, scrunchies offer a gentle yet firm grip, reducing the chances of creating creases, breakage, or damaging the hair. This is why individuals with delicate or easily damaged hair prefer scrunchies over other hair bands or ties.

Scrunchies have gone beyond the realm of fashion and explored other areas; for example, you can think of scrunchie-themed merchandise, clothes, phone cases, or keyrings. This allows the user to showcase their style and creativity with this retro fashion accessory.

Tips on styling with scrunchies:

  1. Classic ponytails: One of the most common ways of using scrunchies is to make a ponytail. Whether it is a high or low ponytail, scrunchies add a playful touch to the overall look. Try using a scrunchie with colors matching your outfit, or you can go for a contrasting color if you want to go for a bold statement.
  2. Messy buns: Messy buns look cute on most of us, and scrunchies are a perfect way to flare them up. Just tie the bun using a scrunchie for a chic look. This is perfect for casual looks and if you want to add a bohemian touch. You can go for subtle colored scrunchies and bright colors to make them pop. 
  3. Half up, half down. This idea also perfectly adds a bohemian touch to your overall appearance. Secure the upper section of your hair with a scrunchie complementing or contrasting your outfit, and you are all set.
  4. Wrist candy: Scrunchies can be worn as wrist accessories as well. If you are going for a casual or sporty look, wear a scrunchie on your wrist to add a colorful and cute touch to your appearance. You can experiment with and mix a range of different scrunchies as well.
  5. Bag decoration: Simply tie the scrunchie with your bag handle or strap to add e personalized and whimsical touch to your usual handbag.

Final thoughts

With scrunchies, you get endless opportunities to personalize and get creative with your looks. These cute little hair ties have become a fashion statement starting as hair accessories. Even though its origin is back in the 18th century, it has effectively captured the new generation’s heart. The re-emergence and current popularity of these scrunchies show that past trends can easily mix with modern ones, incorporating nostalgia and modernism in one style. So, if you wish to add a retro charm to your look or just searching for a cute, stylish, and practical hair accessory to go with your regular outfits, try going with scrunchies. You will be satisfied.

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