The Art and Life of Marzuk Rasel: A Biography of a Golli Kobi

Marzuk Rasel, A Biography of a golli kobi is a captivating story of a talented poet who found his calling on the streets. This biography chronicles the life of Marzuk Rasel, exploring his journey from humble beginnings to becoming a celebrated figure in poetry. This book invites readers to explore the struggles, triumphs, and artistic achievements of this remarkable individual who dedicated his life to the art of the spoken word.

Early life

Marzuk Rasel, born on 15 August 1973, came into this world in his mother’s village in the Gopalganj District of Bangladesh. He spent his childhood in Daulatpur, Khulna, where his father worked at a Jute Mill in Gopalganj. Initially, Marzuk attended the Govt. Krishnamohan Primary School, but later, his father sent him to a madrasa for class six. Unfortunately, he faced class discrimination during his time at the madrasa. Eventually, in 1993, he relocated to Dhaka.


Marzuk Rasel marked his debut in television with Mostofa Sarwar Farooki’s TV play Ayna Mohol. His breakthrough came with the lead role in the 2004 film Bachelor, which earned him widespread recognition. Over the years, Marzuk has acted in numerous television dramas and commercials. He has also appeared in several music videos, including Ghuri Tumi Kar Akashe Oro (2012) and Smrity Katha (2017)


During his eighth grade in Madrasa, Marzuk discovered his love for poetry and started writing. He received his first publication in “Janabarta,” a local magazine from Khulna. Afterward, Marzuk began writing freelance for various newspapers and magazines. His first published poem was titled “Shanting Chara Songjog Nishidhwa.” Later on, he wrote three different poetry collections: “Chander Budir Boyosh Jokhon Sholo” (2003), “Bainji Bari Road,” and “Chotto Kothay Tennis Ball.” “Alternative” is one of the most famous poems among his creations.


Shanting Chara Songjog Nishidhwa2000
Chader Burir Boyosh Jokhon Solo2003Hawlader Prokashoni
Baiji Bari RoadAnanya
Chotto Kothay Tennis Ball2005Anyaprokash
Dehobontonbishoyok Dipokkhio Chukti Sakkhor202052
Hawa Dekhi, Batash Khai2022Upkotha Prokashon
James and Marzuk Rasel
James and Marzuk Rasel


Made in Bangladesh2007Sadekur Rahman
Ratrir Jatri2017Cousin

As Lyricist

“Amito Preme Porini”Bachelor2004Perform by Ayub Bachchu
“Golla”Perform by Pantha Kanai
“Ishan Koner Baiu”Perform by Pantha Kanai
“O Amar Pagla Ghora Re”Perform by Asif Akbar
“Didha”Third Person Singular Number2009Perform by Habib, Nazmun Munira Nancy
“Bhetor Bole Dure Thakuk”Perform by Nazmun Munira Nancy
“HIJIBIJI”Chaya Chobi2012Perform by June Banerjee
“Dolna”Chander Nijer Kono Alo NeyPerform by Arfin Rumey, Nazmun Munira Nancy
“Bhalobasha Dao Bhalobasha Nao”Chuye Dile Mon2015Perform by Habib Wahid
Marzuk Rasel A Biography of a street poet
Early photo of Marzuk


Aynamohol2000MarzukMostofa Sarwar Farooki
Choruivati2002MarzukMostofa Sarwar Farooki
Khosru+Moyna2004KhosruMostofa Sarwar Farooki
KanamachhiMostofa Sarwar Farooki
Swarborner ChokheMostofa Sarwar Farooki
Palabi Kothay
4202007-2008Mostofa Sarwar Farooki
KobiMostofa Sarwar Farooki
Osthir Premik
House Full2008-2009SujonRedoan Rony, Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi
Bishaash2010Wrestlers 1 & 2
Relation2013Pallab Biswas
BCS Bangla First and Second Paper2014
Mr Tension2018
Chati Roise2018Chati RoiseZubier Anan
Bachelor Point2018PashaKajal Arefin Ome
The Director2019
Mar Guriye2019Big brotherPreity Datta
Foo2009Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi
Stadium2020Danny UncleKajal Arefin Ome
Hawai Mithai2020Noyeem Imtiaz Neamul
Thanda2021SobujKajal Arefin Ome
House No.962021Mahmudur Rahman Hime
Thanda2021SobujKajal Arefin Ome
Ilish Mach2021Boro VaiMaidul Rakib
Online Offline2021-

Web Series

2017Palabi KothayAK Porag and Vaskar Dey Jony
2020Sub – SubletSakib Rayhan
Bodmaish PolapainMaqbool SirMabrur Rashid Bannah
Marzul Rasel's biography
Marzuk Rasel


Lais Fita Lais1998James
De DourJames
Bioscoper KhelaJames
Rakhe Allah Mare KeJames
Jat JayJames
Sharabe SharabJames
Pakhi Ure JaJames
Potro DioJames
Mira BaiJames
Thik Achhe Bondhu1999James
Tero Nodi Sat SomuddurJames
Sobar BangladeshHridoye RoktokhoronAsif Akbar
Tumi Hariye Jawar Somoy Amay Songe NioPashani2003Asif Akbar
NariFish Fash FishAsif Akbar
Ekti Porir Golpo
Ki Karone
Kon Kee Keno
Phool Bonomali
Vese Jaoar Gaan
Ulto Rothe
Aajkal Tomake
Hridoughotito2007Hasan Masood
Ful TokkaShokhi Tumi Kaar2016Marjuk Rasel
Song TitlePerformer
Ha Do DoJames
Vashbo Je Jole (Prem Jomunar Kule)James
LolonaAyub Bachchu
Tomar Cokhe DekhleAyub Bachchu
BaunduleAsif Akbar
MilAsif Akbar
MythAsif Akbar
JolkonnaAsif Akbar
Foo (2018)Asif Akbar
Purte ChaileN/A
Bhab Sutra (2019)Ayub Bachchu

Last words

A Biography of a Street Poet Marzuk is a captivating exploration of the life and work of a truly unique individual. Rasel’s story is one of struggle, creativity, and perseverance in the face of immense adversity. Through his poetry, he gave voice to the marginalized and oppressed, and his impact on the literary and cultural landscape of his home country of Bangladesh cannot be overstated. This biography provides a valuable glimpse into a world that is often overlooked and serves as a testament to the power of art to effect change.

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