Understanding Depression: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Depression is a common mental issue that affects our daily life. We also know depression as major depressive disorder, major depression, and clinical depression. For at short two weeks, sadness is defined as ongoing despair and a shortage of good in something you like, observed by an inability to take out everyday actions.

All types of depression

There are many types of depression. Here is some example:

  1. Persistent Depressive disorder
  2. Perinatal Depression
  3. Melancholy
  4. Anxious distress
  5. Agitated
  6. Major Depression
  7. Bipolar Disorder
  8. Seasonal Affective Disorder
  9. Treatment-Resistant Depression
  10. Atypical Depression
  11. Situational Depression
  12. Clinical Depression
  13. Postpartum Depression

What is the difference between depression and being upset or feeling bad

Let’s start with an example. Suppose you have a beautiful white dress. But by mistake, you drop food in that dress, and there is a light stain. What will you do after that? You will soak overnight the dress in bleaching powder mixed with water. The next day, your dress will look like new. 

Again, you have a yellow dress. One day you drop mayo or sauce on the dress. Now there is a stain. You can not soak it in bleaching powder if it is the worst. Whenever you try to remove the stigma, it becomes worse.

difference between depression and being upset

Now, this dress is your mood. When you are upset or feeling low, you

become the white dress. The stain of your sadness will be removed after some time. Maybe you will cry a little and be sad for a moment. After some days, you will be happy and will laugh again. You have to wait for some days; the big issue will be changing your mood.

Now come to the yellow dress. The dress is your depression. You try your best to remove pain and sadness, and you can’t. It becomes worse day by day. Crying or anger will not fix this. You are wearing a dress with a stain. 

Here are some more differences.

  • Self-esteem is frequently preserved through times of sorrow. Worthlessness and self-loathing are typical in severe depression.
  • Thinking of death may arise when thinking about or daydreaming about “joining” the departed loved one. Significant valley is characterised by suicidal imagination due to emotions of worthlessness or inadequacy towards vitality or inability to control the hell of despair.


  1. Lose interest in everything.
  2. Self-esteem decreases day by day.
  3. Become numb.
  4. Start to hate themselves.
  5. Think about Self-harming.
  6. Increased fatigue.
  7. Sleep cycle destroyed.
  8. Concentration issues.
  9. Lack of motivation.
  10. Sudden increase or decrease in weight.

Remember, this is the typical symptom of grief. Greif transfers depression when these symptoms last at least 14 days.

Depression Causes

  1. Past or present physical and mental abuse can throw you into depression.
  2. After a certain age, some people become scared, like what if they die alone? What if they don’t have any support? This type of situation can be the reason for depression.
  3. Drugs can put you into depression.
  4. Someone’s death, or losing someone from life, can be a reason.
  5. Gender or color discrimination can become the reason for sufferers’ depressed health.
  6. Severe illness or life issues can make a rough and depressed mentally.
  7. Losing an enormous amount of money, a job, or a favorite thing also can be a reason.

How to get rid of depression

  1. Make a journal. Write about your daily life. Not down what makes you feel low. It will help you to express your feelings.
  2. Get into a routine. To get into a habit, schedule as you did when you were not depressed.
  3. Eat a good diet. Make sure that your body has found enough food and is nutritious. Good physical health help mental health to be happy.
  4. Do exercise regularly. Because of exercise for hormone release, your brain will think positively. 
  5. Involve yourself in creative things.
  6. Have at least 8 hours of sleep daily. Give your brain proper rest.
  7. Practice self-love. Give yourself treats.
  8. Make a life goal and work on it.
  9. Take help from expert doctors.

How to help someone with depression

Talk with the person. Don’t suggest to them how to change their life! Just listen to them. Become their supporter. Let them believe they are not alone. You are with them. Sometimes a little friendship power changes everything.

If they are suicidal, then call the suicide hotline. Take them to the psychologist. Let them know it’s just a health issue. And it will pass one day by taking help from a professional or medication.

Last but not least

After cutting your hand, if you cover the wound, no one can see your wound after cutting your hand. They will touch your injury, which will give you more pain. So don’t cover up your pain. Let that be free. Talk about your feelings. Let the people help you. Slowly but steadily, the pain will be removed. You will be back to a healthy life.

Our life is a vast canvas. Depression presents a black color on the canvas. When you see the first time, your canvas is full of grief, pain, sadness, and bad memories. And when you take medication, you add color to the canvas. When you talk about your health, you add another color. When you exercise, another color is added. Every time you do something to fight depression, a color adds to your canvas. And after a specific time, when you look at the canvas, you will see a nice rainbow on the canvas. Yes, there is still the black color of pain. But that’s a stain on your life, which becomes a loser in between the beautiful canvas. And sometimes, that black color makes your canvas more attractive too.

So, don’t be afraid. Tackle the depression-like superhuman. And remember to breathe. Your emotions matter to the world.

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