10 things you consider before traveling to Asian countries

Asia is undoubtedly a wonderful place to travel. Religious history, war-based history, discovery-based history, food made with different spices, pleasant weather, and many more. If you are a travel freak, you should visit Asia to see the nature of Kashmir, the history of India, China, Korea, Japan’s modern life, the traditions of Nepal, the religious thought of Iran-Iraq-Bahrain, and many more.

How you can travel to Asia and which country to go to this information you will get on Google. But before traveling to Asia, you need to know some tricks.

Here are some tips for traveling in Asian countries from an Asian so that you don’t have any bitter memories after a long vacation.

Beware of pickpocketing 

Pickpocketing is quite common in Asian countries. Especially in underdeveloped and developing countries, its rate is excessive. Before traveling to these countries, keep your money, cards, and phone in different pockets. So that even if it’s ripped off from one side, you can do a temporary piece with the money on the other flank and not be in danger. When you check into a five-star hotel, your expensive electronics cannot be stolen. But lower quality hotels have that possibility. So if you stay in a low-quality hotel to save money before traveling to local areas – take the electronics item with you. Avoid taking videos from train-bus windows with expensive cameras or phones. Because local terrorists throw sharp weapons at buses and moving trains so that expensive electronics fall from your hands to the ground, and they can collect them! So be aware of it. In some countries, local people will come with you in the middle of the road. He will tell you that he wants to be your guide or help you. Please avoid this type of person. That’s a big scam! 

Bring More Cash

In Asian countries, the use of credit cards has not yet been fully introduced. Local shops, ride-food sharing apps, and many items don’t accept card payments. ATM booths at various urban peak points. There are no atm booths on the village side, and banks are sometimes open for withdrawal. So bring as much cash as possible. Or get the card, go to a bank, and exchange currency together. Change currency carefully because many people need clarification regarding currency conversion.

Local people need to learn the English language.

Local people need to learn more English. Education rates are low in most regions of Asia. And in areas where the education rate is high, many people do not value English education. So try to learn their essential language before traveling to those countries. Like – where to get food, where to get accommodation, where to find mobile operator companies, famous places around here – etc.

Avoid talking to women in a religious region.

Religion is more practiced in Asian countries than in Europe. At one time, in these areas, women were kept indoors for the sake of faith. But Asia is improving, and many girls from conservative families are leaving the house and working with men. You can see a lot of women on the Asian streets now. Some of them are wearing Western dresses. Some follow the culture of their own country and dress up. But in various religions, women are not allowed to talk to men. If you are a man, avoid talking to those women who are wearing traditional religious clothing from their country. Touching these women and shaking hands is seen as very bad. So it is better to avoid it.

Respect religion.

Asians are famous for their religious institutions. If you visit there, you must visit their mosques, shrines, temples, and pagodas. Their history should be known. But pay due respect while visiting these areas. If you are asked to take off your shoes to enter somewhere, try to obey if you are denied entry. People of different faiths aren’t allowed to hold Gods and Goddesses, Quran Sharif, etc. Please do not force yourself to do it. This may anger the local people. And you may fall in danger!! 

Try the street food.

In terms of food, Asian culture is very fatty. Their five-star hotel food can’t beat European cuisine. But the street food is unmatched. However, street food could be healthier. But, If you want to taste authentic food, you must try street food. Enter the local markets and try to taste all kinds of food. Especially in India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, China, and Korea; their food is incomparable!

Again you will find some strange food combinations in these areas, especially in India. Like noodles with Fanta, half a kilo of cheese with 100 grams of bread, or spicy cake with Oreo! I told you about the weird stuff in advance, but the author is not responsible if you vomit on the street after eating the weird test food!

If you like alcohol, you should try the local alcohol. Although these alcohols are made with many strange ingredients, they taste great. And they are not very addictive! Interesting right?

Eating local food on the street may make you meet some friends in low-income Asian countries. Children sleep on the streets in regions like Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia. They are known as street children. You can see them while eating at the local market. If you talk to them a little, they become friends. If your purpose of travel is only to see the natural and artificial works of a region, to try local food, then you should avoid their hassles. But if you travel to understand the political situation, social situations, people’s behavior, and the history of that place, you should mix with the people on the street. 

Visit underrated places.

Villages in Asia are very underrated. If you are a peaceful person, then you should visit the countryside. Asian rural areas are unmatched for peaceful paddy fields, hundreds of different species of trees, beautiful scenery, gigantic weather, and a soothing atmosphere. If you treat the ordinary people of these regions well, they will put you in their homes and feed you with care, and many even let you stay in their homes! If you go to an Asian country, you should leave the glitzy cities, casinos, and bars and take a walk in the village site. Nothing compares to an Asian village for reading the stories of nature and people. 

Take extra Shoes.

Carry sneakers, Keds, and slippers. Rain is very expected in different regions. Meanwhile, when it rains, water accumulates on the road. Then it is challenging to walk with shoes on your feet. So carry slippers along. Moreover, entering the house with shoes on in Asia is considered rude. Even if you want to eat in some restaurants, you must take off your shoes. So keep your shoes off and walk normally. There will be a personal suggestion, Throw off your shoes and walk around barefoot on the ground for a while. You will find peace. Feel nature. 

Don’t connect with a travel company; you Can join with a YouTuber.

If you travel by relying on an Asian travel company and its guide – then presume that you are counting enormous losses! Travel companies will keep sky-high prices from you. The guide who goes around with you will spoil your ears with some stupid, boring history. They stay in touch with various specific restaurants in advance. To put a large amount of money in their pockets! Those restaurants will serve you ordinary local food. As a result, you can only eat interesting-tasting food on the boring menu of the restaurant. 

Not all travel agencies are like that. But most of them are! So be careful before choosing a travel agency. You should reach out to a YouTuber who does travel vlogging in the country you are traveling to. YouTubers themselves can guide you as a travel partner. Or you can arrange your food and accommodation by watching their YouTube videos.

Carry modem, buy local sim and internet because the network sucks there!

If you want to travel to any country, you need to get a local phone number from the mobile operator of that country at the airport. But in Asian countries, you should buy an instant data package with a phone number. Not all places have WiFi in Asian countries. The net of those places could be better. So it is better to use data. Also better to bring a modem for the laptop. Because the connection could be better! Please don’t use cafe restaurant WiFi. It will have the possibility of leaking your information. But the suggestion will be to travel around keeping. Forget about the phone and laptops and your online life. I swear you will love it. 

So, why are you waiting? Take your backpack from your cupboard, book a ticket, and manage some money. Asian unique regions are waiting for you, my friend. They love diversity. 


this article has highlighted ten crucial factors to consider before embarking on a journey to Asian countries. By recognizing the unique characteristics and nuances of each destination, travelers can ensure a safe, enjoyable, and culturally immersive experience. From understanding visa requirements and local customs to researching health and safety precautions, being well-prepared is key to maximizing the benefits of traveling in Asia. Additionally, embracing diversity, respecting local traditions, and having an open mind can foster meaningful connections and enrich one’s travel experiences. By considering these ten important aspects, adventurers can embark on their Asian journey with confidence and embark on a transformative exploration of this vibrant and enchanting part of the world.

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